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Based in the United Kingdom, is a specialist supplier of ECE 104 conspicuity tape, reflective hazard tape and various other specialty tapes. We also supply a selection of application tools and accessories to help installation of the tapes we sell. Our sales team are always happy to help with any inquiries and we are always fully committed to supplying and providing the best quality reflective tapes money can buy. Here at, we are dedicated to helping you pick the correct type of reflective or non-reflective tape for your job or application. It can be a daunting and challenging task choosing the right safety tape as there are many different safety regulations which have to be strictly followed. It is very important that the correct hazard tape is used because specific tapes are a legal requirement in different circumstances and scenarios, e.g The use of Red conspicuity tape on the rear of a vehicle. A selection of different types of safety reflective tapes and tool accessories can be seen on the product categories in the menu bar above. For all UK customers, we offer free delivery on all orders over £100.00 excluding VAT.

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ECE 104 Conspicuity Tape

From the 10th of July 2011, ECE 104 Conspicuity tape or reflective contour markings must be applied to the sides and rear of goods vehicles which exceed a gross weight of 7,500kg and trailers with a gross weight of 3,500kg. We stock a range of ECE 104 rigid grade tapes, reflective segmented squares and tanker grade conspicuity tapes. The brands of conspicuity tape we have on sale are Avery Dennison and 3M, these manufacturers are highly recommended throughout the transport and haulage industries. To ensure your truck/lorry is visible to other motorists at night or low-level light conditions, our range of conspicuity tapes will ensure your vehicle is more conspicuous to other road users thus reducing the chance of an accident. All types of ECE 104 conspicuity tapes on our website are in stock and available at competitive prices.

Hazard Reflective Tape

Reflective hazard tape can be applied to vehicles or many different areas where there is a danger or hazard. Our range of weatherproof reflective tapes are ideal to use in environments such as factories, public buildings, offices or car parks. Marking a low ceiling at head height would be an example where you need to apply hazard reflective tape to ensure no injuries or accidents occur. Another example would be a small ledge or step which may be a trip hazard, marking this area with hazard reflective tape would alert personnel to take caution when approaching this area. We supply a variety of chevron coloured tapes such as Black and Yellow, Red and White plus Red and Yellow. Other colours are available on request, we will be happy to help with any inquiries.

Other Tapes

Our other tapes category consists of a variety of safety tapes which are used in everyday workplaces. One of our safety tapes is a high quality chevron anti-slip tape. This material is very durable and can be applied to smooth concrete, metal, wood and various painted surfaces. Our hazard anti-slip tape is suitable for internal and external applications and can be easily trimmed and cut down to a required length. We also supply a budget Red and White barrier tape which is available in 500 meter lengths. Barrier tapes are used as a visual warning to mark out cordoned off areas. These Red and White tapes can also be used to present a barrier to section off unauthorised areas. Finally, we also stock a range of non-reflective hazard tapes which can be used for many applications as a low cost alternative to the more expensive reflective version.

Tools and Accessories

When fitting or installing self adhesive tapes, various tools such as vinyl squeegees can help apply the materials to the desired area with ease. Preparation is key for a professional finish, we stock isopropyl cleaning wipes to ensure a clean surface before application and to ensure maximum life of the self adhesive reflective tapes. Need a hand? Why not try out our vehicle wrap magnets which can hold vinyl in place when wrapping a vehicle. Finally, we recommend carrying a first aid kit in a vehicle when traveling, our mini HSE approved first aid kits are perfect to use in the event of an emergency.

ECE 104 Reflective Conspicuity Tapes